We specialize in designing unique saunas

In fast-paced and stressful lives, finding moments of tranquility is essential for our overall well-being. Build your own private sauna with our plans. From start to finish, we'll guide you in creating a sauna that will fulfill your expectations. Invest in your source of relaxation and peace today.

Modern Design

All our sauna designs are modern, minimalistic and visually stunning. We wouldn't settle for less.

Detailed sauna plans

Our designs are carefully drafted by a professional architect. Plans are both in metric and Imperial.

Bill of materials

We provide every plans set with editable Excel worksheet. All you have to do is put in your local material prices, or just hand it to your hardware store and start building.

Our customers say:


“My wife and I were looking for an easy way to build ourself a sauna hut in our backyard. We found this great service online that provided us with all the necessary blueprints to build our sauna cabin we always wanted - Sauna Luuta. Great drawings done with great professionalism at a good price. In addition, there are plans with material cost calculations wich are very helpful. Wojciech Kumik invited us to meet through online for discussion about the building. Thanks for the beautiful sauna hut with kind regards from Iceland."

Axel and Sólveig from Reykjavik, Iceland


"I just got the plans the Sauna Liv. I will report further once I’m building, but I’m very pleased with the quality of the design and the detail of the plans. In addition Wojciech has been very responsive and helpful in answering my questions! I’m looking forward to building this beautifully designed sauna, and the plans give me confidence that I will avoid the mistakes I might have made and that I won’t overlook the technical details that are so important to a well functioning and aesthetically pleasing sauna."

Michael Mithoefer

What's inside of the sauna plans?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you customize my sauna design?

At the moment we do not offer customizations due to high workload. We do offer a complete custom project design and project management though.

Can I pay in my own currency?

If you want to pay in your own currency, pick 'bank deposit' at the checkout. For the correct amount, just google eg. "1000 PLN in USD" and this is your amount.

Can you design a custom sauna for me?

Yes, we can do any custom design as needed. Get in touch with us in the 'Contact' tab or book a free project consultation. Prices for a custom project start at $2000.

Can I change the heater type?

Yes. Our saunas are designed so that you can use electric or wood heater. Get in touch with us and we'll provide you with tips on what stove will be suitable for your sauna.

Can I buld multiple saunas using your designs?

Our standard licence for each project permits you to build one sauna. If you want to build more saunas, contact us on contact@homemadesauna.com

What drawings are included in your sauna plans?

Our plans are always very detailed, so that all the questions are answered for you, before you start your build. The plans are both for professionals and amateur builder. The exact number of pages may vary from model to model, but usually it's around 17 pages. We always include: floor plans, foundation plan, building elevations, sections, details, door and window schedules.

What file types do the plans come in?

All our plans come in in a PDF file format. The material lists come in in Excel format.

How much does a sauna costs to build?

It's really hard to answer this question - materials, labour cost, and local conditions all differ.
To be safe, I'd reccomend a cost of about 200-250$ per sq ft, which is the US national average for a new residential construction.

Tuula Sauna project

Good Design Finalist

Our Sauna Tuula project was a finalist in the Good Design 2022 competition in the Small Architecture category. Out of the many submissions, the Sauna Tuula project was recognized and placed in the TOP 3 of the selected submissions.

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