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Sauna Varme

Sauna Varme

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This sauna is a great choice if you've got awesome views, or if your property is on a slope. "Varme" means "warm" in Danish. The main form of the building is split by a void form, creating a covered patio.  This patio has a nice spot to take a shower and change, plus a place to stack up firewood for when you're using the sauna.

Right across from the patio entrance, there's a cold plunge pool where you can cool off after a sauna session. If you are not fond of cold baths, you can also swap them for a hot pool.

Inside the sauna, there's a big window that goes from the floor to the ceiling. You've got three levels of benches to sit on, and a wood stove that you can load up from inside the sauna itself. The ceiling is pretty high, which makes superior 'loyly' – it's extra good because of the small difference in temperature between your feet and your head.

This is a pre-order offer, which means that after purchase, you will receive the plans within 2 weeks.


Dimensions: 19' x 9' (6m x 2.8m)

Height: 10.5'

Suitable for: 6-7 people

Can I customise this sauna?

Yes! You can reach out to us about customization and we will provide you an estimate about the cost of customization.

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