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Sauna Liv

Sauna Liv

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Sauna Liv - Just the essentials, but done right. Three levels of benches, quality materials, small porch. If you are looking for a perfect small sauna for your garden, this is the one. The three level benches means the law of "Löyly" is satisfied giving you the perfect sauna experience. The heater is electric, but a wood fired heater can also be used. A small porch is covering the entrance and keeping your towel or bath robe dry in case of rain. An eye height panoramic window is a perfect balance of views and privacy for urban environments. Interior features pinewood or cedar cladding, floating benches and natural slate behind the heater. The ventilation is designed to give you the perfect heat distribution with minimal heat stratification and optimal fresh air.

The name of the sauna is derived from Scandinavian origin. Liv is a Nordic female given name derived from the Old Norse "hlíf", which means "shelter" or "protection"



Dimensions: 360cm x 285cm / 11.8' x 9.3'

Height: 300cm / 9.8'

Suitable for: 4 people

Cost to build: $ 7000

Can I customise this sauna?

Yes! You can reach out to us about customization and we will provide you an estimate about the cost of customization.

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  • Artur Zawisza, @allmoy

    "I am happy with the product in terms of the price, the quality of the drawings, as well as the help I received after the sale, when I built my sauna"

  • Dawid Hudyka, CEO

    "I am happy with the project, the text description is very detailed. The drawings are clear and easy to understand for anyone. The project helped me with my owne sauna design."