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Sauna Eevi

Sauna Eevi

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Introducing Eevi - the garden sauna that provides relaxation and rejuvenation in the comfort of your own backyard. Its interior features a large window, 2 levels of benches, and the option to use either an electric or wood-burning stove. It also comes with a small changing room. Eevi is a perfect choice for those who value relaxation and want their own private oasis of calm, exclusively for themselves.


The project contains :
- Plans, Sections, Elevations
- All necessary details
- Framing drawings of every wall
- Detailed project worksheet with bill of materials
- Detailed text description to guide you through your build
- Our support after the purchase. Call or email anytime.


Dimensions: 12.5' x 8'

Height: 9'

Suitable for: Family of 4

Cost to build: $9 000

Can I customise this sauna?

Yes! You can reach out to us about customization and we will provide you an estimate about the cost of customization

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  • Artur Zawisza, @allmoy

    "I am happy with the product in terms of the price, the quality of the drawings, as well as the help I received after the sale, when I built my sauna"

  • Dawid Hudyka, CEO

    "I am happy with the project, the text description is very detailed. The drawings are clear and easy to understand for anyone. The project helped me with my owne sauna design."