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Project Customization

Project Customization

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If you want to customize your design, add this product to your shipping cart.

Medium changes:

Change of multiple windows and/or doors and their location.

Large changes:

  • Change of roof slope
  • Change of building size
  • Unique internal layout

Multiple other changes

If you require multiple large changes like the ones above, then you will need to add one customization package for each large change. Example: Larger building and a shower inside: 2 customization packages.

To confirm which change package is right for your needs, get in touch with us before choosing the changes. Get in touch with us in the 'Contact' tab or book a free project consultation.

What's inside?



Hot Room Dimensions:


Suitable for:

Can I customise this sauna?

Yes! If you want to customize your design, add the Project Customization Product to your shopping cart. To confirm which change package is right for your needs, get in touch
with us before choosing the changes. Get in touch with us in the Contact tab or book a free project consultation.

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Why choose our sauna plans?

Build with confidence

Whether you're a first-time builder or you have some experience, our complete sauna package provides everything you need. You will get detailed drawings, a precise material list, a technical project description. You can always contact us if you have any questions about the construction.

The best sauna experience

The ventilation void in our designs allows the wood to breathe. In designs with an electric stove, mechanical ventilation is used, thanks to which there is a smaller difference in temperature up and down in the hot part and better air circulation. Breathe freely during a sauna session.

Enjoy sauna life

Experience the health benefits of regular sauna use. Improve your sleep, relax your mind, and enjoy some peaceful moments. Invite your family or friends and enjoy this moment together.

Our Customers Say:

What's inside the plan set package?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sauna costs to build?

It's really hard to answer this question-materials, labor cost, and local conditions all differ. To be safe, I'd recommend a cost of about 200-250$ per sq ft, which is the US national average for a new residential construction.

What drawings are included in your sauna plans?

Our plans are always very detailed, so that all the questions are answered for you, before you start your build. The plans are both for professionals and amateur builder. The exact number of pages may vary from model to model, but usually it's around 17 pages. We always include: floor plans, foundation plan, building elevations, sections, details, door and window schedules.

What file types do the plans come in?

All our plans come in a PDF file format. The material lists come in Excel format.

Can I change the heater type?

Yes. Our saunas are designed so that you can use electric or wood heater. Get in touch with us, and we'll provide you with tips on what stove will be suitable for your sauna.

Can you customize my sauna design?

At the moment we do not offer customizations due to high workload. We do offer a complete custom project design and project management though.

Can I pay in my own currency?

If you want to pay in your own currency, pick 'bank deposit' at the checkout. For the correct amount, just google e.g., “1000 PLN in USD” and this is your amount.

Can you design a custom sauna for me?

Yes, we can do any custom design as needed. Get in touch with us in the 'Contact' tab or book a free project consultation. Prices for a custom project start at $2000.

Can I build multiple saunas using your designs?

Our standard license for each project permits you to build one sauna. If you want to build more saunas, contact us on