Sauna Gas Heaters - Are They Worth It?

Sauna Gas Heaters - Are They Worth It?

Gas powered sauna heaters

In recent times, due to stricter emission rules in cities, people are exploring different ways to heat their saunas. While Electric stoves might seem like the obvious choice, they're not always the best pick. In some places, electricity costs a lot, making electric stoves a bit too pricey. Another option worth considering is Natural gas or Propane gas heaters. This article is all about diving into the good, the bad, and the not-so-great sides of sauna gas heaters.

Natural Gas Propane / LPG
Transportation Pipelines Gas bottles / tanks
Density Lighter than air Heavier than air
Pressure 1.1 kPa 2.75 kPa
Cost $ $$

When using a gas powered sauna heater makes sense?

  • You have a mobile sauna in an area with high restrictions regarding solid fuel stoves and their emissions,
  • You have a large, commercial sauna that would cost a lot to operate with an electric stove,
  • If you have a mobile sauna, you can choose to install a gas heater that is powered by LPG/Propane.

Benefits of using sauna gas heater

Sauna gas heaters are more economical than electric Stoves. They are a great idea if you have a large commercial sauna that requires continuous heating all year. With a natural gas sauna heater, the savings will be significant.

Gas sauna heater is almost maintenance free, and it is easier to adjust the heat, compared to a wood heater. You also don’t have to clean the chimney and remove the ash.

Disadvantages of sauna gas heaters

You will need to install a gas supply. The pipes will need to be checked by a professional to ensure there are no leaks. The initial cost of Gas sauna heater is larger than Electric sauna heater, but you will save money on electricity in the long term.

If you have a mobile sauna and want to operate it with a gas heater, make sure you know where and how to refuel the gas.

How to measure sauna gas heater power?

An easy way to convert the rating of a gas sauna stove to the equivalent kw rating is to take the BTU rating and divide it by 6824. This will give you a general comparison to electric heaters.

Example: 60,000 BTU is equivalent to about 9kw electric stove.

Are sauna gas heaters as powerful as wood heaters?

The most powerful sauna gas heater I found is Scandia 80K BTU and Torch TS-80F. They are equivalent to around 23 kW. The sizing guide by Scandia, specifies max room size to be 1680 cubic feet, or around 50 cubic meters. This should be enough even for big public saunas. By the way, if you are looking for custom designed commercial sauna, we offer Custom Sauna Design & Project Management package.

Gas sauna heater vs Electric sauna heater vs Wood sauna Heater

Gas (TS-60F - 60k BTU) Electric (HUUM Hive 12kW) Wood (HUUM Hive Heat 12 kW)
Power 60,000 BTU (9 kW) 12kW 12 kW
Price $3,653 $1903 $3,004
Requires LPG tank or pipe connection 3 Phase electric connection Firewood supply
Exhaust pipe needed X
Maintenance Stone replacement Stone replacement Frequent Chimney cleaning, Ash removal
Emissions Clean CO2 None Smoke, particulate matter and CO2
Doesn’t require electricity X

Gas Sauna heater manufacturers


A USA based manufacturer that also sells their sauna gas stoves. There are 2 versions: a 60k BTU and 80k BTU heaters. The heaters can be used with both Natural gas and LPG / propane. The customers seem to be satisfied with their heaters.

Prices in 2024:

TS-60F - 60k BTU Gas Sauna Heater : $3,359

TS-80F - 80k BTU Gas Sauna Heater : $4,199



Also, a USA based manufacturer, offering a 40k BTU and 80k BTU options. The gas heaters can be powered through both Natural gas and LPG.

Prices in 2024:

Scandia 40K BTU Gas Sauna Heater: $3,653

Scandia 80K BTU Gas Sauna Heater: $5,277


What are your thoughts on sauna gas heaters?

If we missed something, or if you are a gas sauna heater manufacturer and would like to be added to the list, feel free to reach out.

Thanks to Paul Kangas from Torch for proofreading this article!

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