Building a Sauna Outdoors

Building a Sauna Outdoors

In this article, we would like to introduce to you one of our first clients. Artur has been with us since beginning of Home Made Sauna, and we have been in touch ever since. Artur is buildin a modified Sauna Tuula

Tell us about yourself.

Could you tell us who are youand why have you decided to build a sauna?

My name is Artur Zawisza, I've been working as a digital marketing manager. A year ago I moved with my wife and two children to a new house with a garden, and we had always planned to have a sauna at home. Despite the size of the house, it was a bit difficult to set up this space inside of the house. The decision was made that we would simply move the sauna to the garden. The plan was to create a new structure that would combine two functions: a sauna with shower and a utility area. I took on this challenge, despite the limited technical skills I had at the time.

What was your motivation to build a sauna?

I grew fond of sauna sessions while in college. I spent half a year in Finland, where a sauna is on every corner. It can be found not only in the house but also in the apartment block. We used the sauna very often. Since then, I have always wanted to have my own sauna. Not only because of the convenience that a private sauna guarantees, but also because of the possibility to sauna at any time with friends. I was also driven by health issues, as my wife and I are both triathletes, so the sauna is part of our post-training recovery.

Where is your sauna located and how did you prepare for the build?

We have provided a space for the sauna in the corner of our garden. One of the first things, even before we moved in, was to get down to garden work. While digging the trenches, I've installed the electrical system and took care of the water system intended for the sauna. I also remembered about providing the drains for the sauna shower.

Tell us more about your sauna

Which sauna model did you choose and why did you choose it?

The sauna model I chose is called TUULA. I was one of the first customers of Home Made Sauna. I managed to buy it for half price as part of a promotion for the first few customers. The project was definitely worth the full price and even more. It turned out to be very helpful. It doesn't change the fact that even now, having 4 designs available, I would choose the same one.

At what stage are you now in your construction?

I have just finished most of the building, except for interior. From the outside, the building is all finished. All the cladding work with the boarding on the facade is finished. The doors are set in place, so I'm currently focusing solely on the interior work.

What modifications did you make to the project?

There were quite a few modifications because I wanted to adapt the sauna to our house as well as our individual functional needs. I decided to have the elevation and roofing of the sauna also covered with seamed metal sheets. We enlarged the changing room, which took on the function of a garden shed. We extended the roof as well as the walls adjacent to the front wall, which created a small eave. We also added second doors, which are in place where the window had been. Also, the whole project is turned 180 degrees and mirrored.

Did anyone help you with the construction of the sauna?

I can safely say that about 95% I did completely on my own. The 5 percent would account for one visit by an electrician. A few percent is also the help of neighbors, friends, my wife.

How long did it take you to build the sauna so far?

It's hard for me to estimate, because I mostly worked on weekends or after work. I'm currently at the stage of finishing the room where the storage will be, then I'll deal with the sauna itself. Our plan was to finish construction in the fall. Four months ago we started construction, and I hope to finish in about 2 months.

What was the cost of sauna construction materials?

At this point the cost was 14 thousand zlotys ( $3,000). I estimate that the vast majority of the materials are already bought , so that only the shower and sauna area is left for me to finish. We also have more expensive things, like the stove, which currently costs about 4 thousand PLN ( $800) along with stones, or it is the fixtures and tiles. I think that overall according to the plan I will close in the amount of 30 thousand PLN ($5,000)

Did you have any problems during construction and how did you overcome these difficulties?

The problem I had was rather due to the fact that the sauna is constructed on my own. I was struggling with one element - a six-meter beam, 8 cm by 16 cm thick. At the time I set it on the anchor, a moment of inattention was enough for it to slip out of my hand and, unfortunately, quite unluckily hit the anchor, which damaged my finger. Fortunately, a quick visit to the surgeon helped. As for technical matters, so far there have been no problems, or rather, everything has gone according to plan. In places there were some minor deviations, as happens when you work in wood, but I managed to sort it out. Other than that, it went without any complications.

What did you like most about the project?

I like that the design is detailed and scalable. I lengthened the sauna, keeping its width without any problems. I also moved the front wall and the back wall to make everything fit together, and after consulting with the designer, I had no concerns. I think that without this project, I would not have set out to build it.


Tell us about your experience with HMS

How did you find out about Home Made Sauna?


Are you satisfied that you chose our project?

I am very satisfied in terms of price, quality of the project itself but also after-sales service. It was very helpful for me that I could consult, advise after buying the project. And even though I wasn't doing the exact Tuula project, I could consult on changes. This was of great value to me, because with my lack of construction and design experience, this was very important to me. I was able to consult all my ideas and make sure I could execute them.

I'm glad in general that you have this feeling, it means that we are doing something good.

It is certainly a cool initiative. It's very cool that the sauna market continues to grow and develop. More and more people are showing off their doings. Building a sauna is within reach, even more so for people who have some technical sense. The cost of its own implementation is much lower, making it achievable for more people.

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